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German kitchens are renowned internationally for their quality and engineering. Schüller is the ultimate representation offering extraordinary quality matched by impeccable service - at a highly cost competitive price. 

Schüller is always one step ahead in design looking to create something new while maintaining existing high standards. Schüller always stives for the best in regards to product development, functionality, design and customer satisfaction as well as product reliability.

schüller.C collection
Schüller breaks new grounds. Its schüller.C collection is especially created around the individual needs of home-owners. So whether you're starting out, looking for a statement kitchen, in the prime of your life or wanting a relaxed country kitchen, Schüller has created its ranges with these needs in mind.

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  • Schüller - history of the company

    As one of the largest international German exporters of kitchens, Schüller is one of the Top 5 kitchen manufacturers in the world producing about 90,000 kitchens a year. Founded in 1965 by Otto Schüller, the company is still a privately owned and family run company. Since 2003 the family-run company has been directed by Markus Schüller, Max Heller and Manfred Niederauer.

    The company turnover exceeds €200 million yet they are still a privately owned family company. Schüler offers extraordinary quality matched by impeccable service – at a highly cost competitive price. InHouse has been working closely with Schüller for the past six years importing their kitchens into the UK and increasingly servicing the UK and Ireland community.

  • Schüller - caring for the home and the planet

    Schüller focuses on in-house production, permanent product design and quality control. Schüller commits itself and has an active share in environmental protection by a responsible production, the use of recyclable materials as well as an investment of millions in state of the art product facilities, innovative heating technologies and heat recovery. Quality for Schüller means quality of life - inside the home and for the planet.